With each purchase from our Black Lives Matter items, 100% of the profits are donated to various BLM organizations.

In addition to our BLM donations, a portion of all sales are donated to other organizations as shown below.

Starting March 2021, customers are able to select an organization of their choice for 10% of their order to be donated to.

As of February 2021, over $8,000 has been donated from That Fucking Feminist.

With your support the following donations have been made:

• $6000.00 donated to Black Lives Matter,
(information has been redacted due to an anonymous 3:1 matcher)

• $500 to My Brother's My Brother's Keeper

• $200 to TC Kids Mental Health

• $200 to the Fair Fight Georgia Fund

• $100 to the Detroit Impact Center

• Over $800 to Black Lives Matter Detroit (Allied Media Projects)

• $275 to Planned Parenthood

• $100 to Meals On Wheels

• $115 to the Biden Campaign

I encourage you to read about the organizations above and make a personal donation if you are able to. 

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