• what subscription options are there: 3 months - receive 15% off. 6 months - receive 20% off. 9 months - receive 25% off. 12 months - receive 30% off, all include free shipping
  • which payment methods can I use? you can use any payment processor except paypal - please do not use paypal to checkout! paypal does not vibe with our subscription based service (annoying, we know!)
  • my cart shows $5 shipping but I thought it was free? to receive free shipping on your subscription box, you must enter the discount code SUBSCRIPTSHIP at checkout
  • how do I pick out what shirt I want each month? upon purchase, you will receive an email once a month with a quick questionnaire on the apparel style/color and design you'd like
  • what apparel styles are available for the subscription box? you can pick from a unisex tee or women's v-neck.
  • what is the cancellation policy? we hope you don't go however if you need to cancel, there is a $5/month remaining cancellation fee (for example: if you sign up for the 3 month subscription box and cancel after 1 month, you will be charged $10 (2 months remaining x $5)
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